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What are the 2 thin lines on my Sony monitor?


the monitor of sony notebook model PCG-Z600RE has got two white thin stripe/line.why it has appeared?


This question was answered on July 11, 2005. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

If they are two very thin lines that roughly divide the screen into a top, middle and bottom section, that is part of the way the screen is designed.. it has something to do with the Trinitron technology that Sony uses It is due to very thin wires that run across the screen and the screen would not work without them if you figured out a way to remove them.. Let your eyes adjust to the fact that they are always there and let them fade from your awareness...

Perfectly normal and part of the design (It's most noticable when the background is very light, but you train yourself to ignore it over time) The two lines you see are called horizontal damper wires...They actual hold the "grill" in place After a while, you won't even notice the two "support wires" are there.

I have given you the Readers Digest version

Without doing too much searching, link below explaining a bit more:

If they are not what I am describing, it could be a bad monitor...

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Posted by Kathy of Chandler-Gilbert Community College on July 11, 2005