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Convert Your CD’s to MP3’s with Windows Media Player


How do you convert CD's to MP3?


This question was answered on July 14, 2005. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

Converting your CD’s to a digital format is a great idea if you listen to music on your computer or would like to transfer your CD’s to a portable MP3 player, like an iPod The process of actually getting your music from Point A to Point B can seem rather technical, but it doesn’t have to be In fact, with Windows Media Player 10 it’s downright easy Here’s what to do:

1 Insert a CD you wish to rip.

2 Windows Media Player should appear automatically If so, click the Rip tab If not, open it manually by going to Start > All Programs > Windows Media Player.

3 If no media information appears regarding the song and album titles, you may want to consider easing up on the privacy settings This will allow Windows to fetch all the information about the CD saving you some time If you’re not having this problem or like your privacy right where it is, skip on over to step 4 For everyone else, do this:

a Right-click the title bar, go to Tools and click Options.

b Click the Privacy tab.

c Check the box corresponding to Display media information from the Internet.

d Click OK.

e Now eject and re-insert the CD to rip.

4 Once your media information appears, click the Rip Music button.

5 Read the “Rip Options” dialog box that follows, and click the Change my current format settings radio button.

6 Under Rip settings, change the Format drop-down menu to read MP3.

7 Feel free to mess around with the other options, including the Audio quality slider-bar You might want to use a lower quality if you intend to transfer the MP3’s to an MP3 player; thus allowing you to cram more songs on the player Better qualities are good if you’re just archiving your music collection on your computer.

8 When you’re satisfied with your options, click OK to start the ripping process.

9 You should see each track being ripped If you don’t, try clicking the Rip Music button

10 When the ripping is complete, your new MP3’s will be in you’re “My Documents\My Music” folder.

That’s all folks Now go treat yourself to an iPod (or equivalent) and jam out wherever you find yourself.

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Posted by Chad of Data Doctors on July 14, 2005