How do I uninstall and reinstall Windows 98SE?

Posted By : Kenward of Chandler-Gilbert Community College on November 23, 2005

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How can I uninstall and reinstall my windows 98SE. In looking all through your questions, I came upon a queston the same as mine and your answer was, this question was answered on 12/8/2004. looked it up and there was no such question or answer. Can you please help me out? I'm afraid to try doing it without some info. Thanking you in advance, Evelyn Somers.

This question was answered on November 23, 2005. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

You mentioned you wanted to know how to uninstall and reinstall windows 98SE Listed below is the direction for uninstalling windows 98SE

If you have installed Windows 98 or 98SE on your computer and you wish to uninstall it, consider the following before proceeding:

•You cannot uninstall if the hard disk that Windows 98 or 98SE resides on has been compressed with any program, either before or after the Windows 98 or 98SE installation.

•You cannot uninstall if you have converted your hard disk to the FAT32 file system

•You cannot uninstall if you are missing any of the following files:





•While it may still be possible, it is not advisable to uninstall Windows 98 or 98SE if you have changed the size or number of partitions on the drive When Windows 98 or 98SE uninstalls, it changes the partitioning of the disk back to the way it was before it was installed, which can cause data loss This could result in a failure of the uninstall process and the loss of all data on the drive, not just the operating system

•Boot sector viruses can cause a failure in the uninstall process This is because a virus can prevent Windows from restoring the original partition information

If none of the above situations apply to you, you can start the uninstall of Windows 98 or 98SE If you are able to start Windows, follow these instructions to begin the uninstall process:

How to uninstall windows 98SE?

1 From Stat menu Select settings, then Control Panel

2.Double-click the Add/Remove Program icon, then click Uninstall Windows 98 Click the Add/remove button and then select Yes.

3.When you are asked if you want to check the disk for errors, click Yes This will start Scan Disk.

4.When Scan Disk finishes, Windows will ask you if you wish to continue Click Yes.

5.Follow the instructions on the screen to continue with the uninstall.

Here are directions for Uninstalling Widows 98se if you can’t uninstall from the steps above.

1.Turn your computer off Wait 15 seconds and then turn it back on.

2.Hold down the Crtl key until the Widows Startup screen appears.

3.At this point, most people should choose Command Prompt Only However, if the you are running any real-mode Novel Netware clients (VLM or netX) from MS-DOS, you will need to select safe mode Command Prompt

4.Type each of the flowing two lines, pressing Enter after each line:

cd \windows\command unistal.exe

5.When you are prompted to continue, press y The process may take several minutes

Note: If you are unable to uninstall Windows 98 or 98SE due to any of the situations listed in the first section above, then the required files to complete this procedure will not be available to you.

This information was adapted from article 186102 in the Microsoft knowledge base

You can access Microsoft's knowledge base at:

Listed below are the steps for reinstalling windows.

1.Start Windows, and then insert the windows 98SE CD-Rom into your CD-Rom drive.

2.Click Browse This CD, and then double-click Setup.exe.

3.Follow the instructions to complete the windows Setup procedure.

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Posted by Kenward of Chandler-Gilbert Community College on November 23, 2005

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