Tweak the Office 2003 AutoRecover Feature


AutoRecover is a great feature that can be made to be even better.


This question was answered on October 21, 2005. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

With computers comes the potential for data disaster So, it’s good to know you have a chance to retrieve that 30-page word document you were working on before that car down the street slammed into a transformer, killing your power Sure, you have a battery backup, but you mixed up the power cables and now your desktop speakers are the only thing still humming along without interruption Luckily, Word 2003 was secretly making a backup every 10 minutes while you furiously pounded the keyboard But wait, the last eight minutes had yielded pure grammatical gold, so now what?

Here’s how to alter the backup frequency of the Office 2003 component called AutoRecover:

1. Go to Tools and click Options.

2. When the multi-tabbed dialog box appears, click the Save tab.

3. Next to Save AutoRecover info every: enter in the number of minutes between saving your documents.

4. Click OK to save the settings.

This works for most Microsoft Office 2003 programs, including Word, Excel and PowerPoint You’ll need to configure this option for each respective program Cheers!

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Posted by Chad of Data Doctors on October 21, 2005