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How do I fix broken Ps2 and com ports?

Posted By : Kenward of Chandler-Gilbert Community College on November 11, 2005

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my PS2 port and COMM ports just stop working, i restore my system from my initial installation and still it doesn't work could you please help me, i try all possible way but still hopeless i even try to change my mouse but no work, please help me...

scan010 (;-)

This question was answered on November 11, 2005. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

It is a good possibility that the dual channel controller chip might have been damaged which would cause the PS2 port’s not to work It sounds like it could also be a problem with the motherboard, where all your cables pug into The PS 2 and com ports are on the motherboard If so, then you might have to replace the motherboard

There are some things you can try First check to see where your monitor port is located It is either going to be a separate card or somewhere on the motherboard First disconnect all the cables except for your monitor which is the cable with a blue end Turn on your computer and see if you get the XP log on screen If you do, then turn off the computer.

Next, if you have USB ports and a mouse with a USB connection, plug it into your computer, turn it on again Once the log in screen comes up, if the mouse arrow appears, try moving the mouse pointer around If that works, try clicking on a user If you have a keyboard with a USB hook up plug it in

Next, open note pad and type something and save the message Shut down your computer properly If your printer software and driver are still installed on your computer, plug it in Turn on your computer, log on, and find the file you just saved to test the keyboard and try to print it.

Finally, check your speakers to see if there is any sound Then connect your modem or whatever you use to access the net If none of the solutions work, then it is probably the motherboard

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Posted by Kenward of Chandler-Gilbert Community College on November 11, 2005

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