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What do these beeps mean?

Posted By : Nathan of Chandler-Gilbert Community College on October 31, 2005

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hello my name is creedence and i am having a computer crisis . i recently bought a graphics card off of a cousin of mine and he came and instlaaed it and everything and ever since my computer has been running slower andi came to figure out that my computer isnt reading one of my sticks of 256 memory so i tried to take it out and put it in and that didnt work so i put it into another slot and it still isnt working so today i tried again . i grounded myself and everything and when i turned on my pc to see if it was working it turned on but nothing came on the moniter and then it started beeping 3 beeps then it would wait like 5 seconds then beep again. is getting me really frusterated i would like to know if i just junked my computer or what to do . please help me out


This question was answered on October 31, 2005. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

Those beeps are POST beeps They tell you of errors that occur before information is displayed on the monitor 3 beeps mean that there is an error in your first bank of RAM A stick of RAM must be in the first bank (usually the closest to the processor) If there is one there than the physical connection is bad Clean the connection of your RAM stick using a Q-tip Dab one end in Windex, gently apply wet end across connection, and use dry end in the same manner One important note: DO NOT TOUCH THE CONNECTION METALS WITH YOUR BARE HANDS!! The skin leaves behind oils that can ruin your connection

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Posted by Nathan of Chandler-Gilbert Community College on October 31, 2005

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