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What is the difference between music and data cds?

Posted By : Kevin of Chandler-Gilbert Community College on November 5, 2005

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Is there a difference between "music" discs and "data" discs? I burn both audio cds and mp3 format to disc and I have been using "music" discs. Can I use data discs? Which disc manufaturers are rated best for music recording?

This question was answered on November 5, 2005. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

The simple answer to this question is yes There are differences between music and data CD-Rs However there is a big neon green flashing asterisk next to the yes that indicates to the informed consumer, that no there is not a difference Let me explain.

If you are using a PC to do all of your burning, then it doesn't matter PCs do not differentiate between music CD-Rs and data CD-Rs They simply see a blank media and duplicate information on to it pertaining to the settings you have outlined in the software you are using to burn the CD.

However, if you are using a separate home CD burner, it may or may not allow you to burn data/music onto a generic blank data/music CDR Proprietors are funny like that They really only want you to use blank media with brand names that they have approved of.

So my advice is if you are doing most of your CD duplication on the computer, it doesn't matter which type of blank CDR you use They both will work fine in most cases for storing audio and data However, if you are using a CD writer outside of your computer for you burning needs, check the manual and see what they recommend.

I found this info at the link listed below.

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Posted by Kevin of Chandler-Gilbert Community College on November 5, 2005

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