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Why is Scandisk taking so long?

Posted By : Nathan of Chandler-Gilbert Community College on November 23, 2005

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my scandisk has now been running for 3 days. it has covered only half of the clusters. i cannot get at the information requested. i am writing from another computer.

what happens if i stop scandisk. will it have repaired any problems to this point or will i have to sit through another week for this thing to do its job. i checked thorogh and automatically fix errors.

i had to run scandisk because when i tried to defrag it couldn't because it detected errors onthe disc and suggeted running scandisk. i had to run scandisk in safe mode because it kept restarting with a message that something was writing to the disc even though i shut down everything but windos explorer and systray

please help.

This question was answered on November 23, 2005. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

You may have a serious error in your hard drive The question is if it's a physical error or a logical error If you can, exit the current scan disk, and then run it again checking for logical error only If it's able to complete its scan then you have a physical error, if not you have a logical error Physical errors are flaws in the manufacturing of hard drives These are rare and more likely to occur with older drives Logical errors occur when the file system is not properly updated This can cause two programs to be written to the exact same spot This is a common error, especially in older versions of Windows that are FAT-based If possible, install a third-party disk checker I recommend Norton Utilities It's Disk Doctor is much like Scandisk only more powerful and capable If worst comes to worst you can reformat your hard drive (logical error) or replace the drive (physical error).

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Posted by Nathan of Chandler-Gilbert Community College on November 23, 2005

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