How Do I Upgrade to Internet Security?


I have a HP533w computer. It originally came with various pre-loaded software. I resigtered for the Norton's Antivirus 2002 that was available. Each year since, I have renewed this software.

I have the options this year to upgrade to Norton Antivirus 2006 or a combo package listed as Norton Internet Security 2006 Upgrade/Norton Password Manager Upgrade Bundle or re-register the 2002 version.

Question: Should I consider upgrading or leave things alone?


This question was answered on December 6, 2005. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

You mentioned that you have Norton Antivirus 2002 It is a good idea at least to upgrade to Norton Antivirus 2006 As I know some one who has Norton Antivirus 2003 and Symantec will no longer provide support, but it will provide subscription service for virus updates

It would be a good idea to upgrade Norton Internet Security 2006 It is a better program as you will get more protection, with such features a firewall, antivirus, parent control, spam filtering, and privacy protection

It includes the flowing programs Norton Firewall, Norton AntiSpam, Norton AntiVirus, Norton privacy Control, Norton parental Control and the 2006 version now includes Spy Ware protection Three of the programs above can be purchased separately; Norton AtiVirus, Norton Spam and Norton firewall It is cheaper just to buy the Norton Internet Security for $69.99

I would recommend buying Norton Internet Security program at a store as you would have the program CD if any thing goes wrong You have only 15 days to activate from time of purchase as the key that is on the back of the CD will not work after 15 days.

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Posted by Kenward of Chandler-Gilbert Community College on December 6, 2005