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Posted By : of Data Doctors on December 15, 2005

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Is WinFixer2005 legitimate? My computer seems to be working well yet I keep getting messages that it has potentially serious problems that WinFixer2005 will fix for just $39.95.


This question was answered on December 15, 2005. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

The Information Superhighway has gone from an 8-lane concrete speedway to a 4-lane “mud bog” that covers Internet surfers with thick residue every time they take a trip.

There are so many attempts to infiltrate your computer on the Internet that it is nearly impossible not to pick up some undesirable “cyber code” every time you connect

The primary symptom for most infected computers is the combination of slow performance and random pop-up ads (If you do a Google search for Winfixer2005, you will find that the general consensus on it is not very favorable.)

Having been in the repair business for almost 20 years, I have seen a dramatic change in the kinds of things that cause a customer to seek our services.

In the past couple of years, all of the malware (malicious software) that silently attacks folks as they innocently stroll their way through the Internet is top of the list.

Nationally, of the thousands of systems that we service every month, virtually every one is impacted in some way by spyware, adware, Trojans and/or worms.

The problems have become so constant that hundreds of companies are now marketing programs that claim to fix everything on your system for a simple download and a small fee.

The reality is that even the most seasoned PC repairperson has to constantly update their service protocols to keep up with all of the new infections that pop up on almost a daily basis.

There are no “one size fits all” cleanup programs that are effective on all the issues you will face, so prevention is your best bet.

If you are connected to the Internet, you will need a host of programs to provide both prevention and cleanup services to keep your system from being overrun

We have posted links to lots of free and trial versions of programs that we have tested at (click on the large “Approved” stamp on the home page).

While you are there, check out the link to a site that lists rogue and suspect anti-spyware products and websites This handy resource can help you in the future when you have concerns about a questionable program that pops up on your screen.

The longer you go without performing some form of regular maintenance, the more likely you will have major problems that will require a highly technical solution down the road.

Think of it as cleaning your house on a periodic basis Imagine what your house would look and smell like and how long it would take to get it cleaned up after a year of not taking the trash out.

Unfortunately, too many computer users are unaware of the ongoing need to keep their operating system cleaned up, so they only deal with it when the computer becomes nearly unusable If you get into a proactive mode of computing (as prescribed above) you will likely stop seeing these pop-up ads that claim they can fix your system and when you do, you will know they are a ploy!

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Posted by of Data Doctors on December 15, 2005

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