Why is computer freezing?


My system seems to lag during starup. Originally it would load the sytem within 30 seconds or so and fire up both MSN and Yahoo IM's immediately with no hangup.

Now the computer momentarily freezes the display and will not accept input of any sort several times while it is booting up. Almost looks like a freeze, but will then momentarily work, then freeze, then momentarily work, etc.

OS is XP Professional


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Dear Freezing

Your first step should be to pay attention to what was happening at the time of the freeze or crash Try to isolate the program that may be causing problems (this can help prevent a further, more damaging, crash) Is there a history of problems with a particular program (or combination of programs) on your computer? Were too many programs running at once? Was it a particular task you were trying to do? See if you can form a hypothesis about the cause By understanding what may have caused it this time, you can attempt to avoid future, similar occurrences

2.Try to End the Program

Windows provides a "Task Manager" that lists all current programs in operation In Windows 2000, after pressing Ctrl Alt Delete, lick the "Task List" button In this menu, you can attempt to individually close programs that are causing problems If programs are unresponsive, Windows will attempt to notify you of this in the Task Manager.

If you are able to effectively close the program causing problems, save your work in all other open programs, and reboot your computer This will help to prevent further crashes, and give your system a clean slate to work from again


If you are not able to effectively close the program in question, you have several options Please note that any changes in unsaved documents WILL be lost in a system reboot

With the Task Manager open, try pressing Ctrl Alt Delete once more Windows will attempt to reboot itself.

If the Task Manager does not respond, you still have a few options Check your computer's tower to see if there is a "Reset" button (it will be in the general area of the normal "Power" button, and should be slightly smaller than it) Press the "Reset" button, and your computer should reboot.

If you are unable to find the "Reset" button or do not have one, there is one final option to pursue Find the "Power" button on your computer's tower Press and hold this button You will need to hold it for a few seconds (sometimes up to ten full seconds) At some point, your computer should shut down completely If nothing happens, keep holding the button Do not press and let go without giving the computer a fair chance to shut down.

y be many reasons that your computer is freezing.

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Posted by Johanna of Katharine Gibbs School - New York on December 28, 2005