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How do I use Google to its full potential?


This question was answered on January 13, 2006. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

Using a special syntax is a way to tell Google that you want to restrict your searches to certain elements or characteristics of Web pages Google has a fairly complete list of its syntax elements at <strong> </strong> Here are some advanced operators that can help narrow down your search results 1 <strong>Intitle</strong>: at the beginning of a query word or phrase (intitle:"Three Blind Mice") restricts your search results to just the titles of Web pages 2 <strong>Intext</strong>: does the opposite of intitle:, searching only the body text, ignoring titles, links, and so forth Intext: is perfect when what you&#39;re searching for might commonly appear in URLs If you&#39;re looking for the term HTML, for example, and you don&#39;t want to get results such as, you can enter intext:html 3 <strong>Link</strong>: lets you see which pages are linking to your Web page or to another page you&#39;re interested in For example, try typing in link: 4 Try using <strong>site</strong>: (which restricts results to top-level domains) with intitle: to find certain types of pages For example, get scholarly pages about Mark Twain by searching for intitle:"Mark Twain"site:edu Experiment with mixing various elements; you&#39;ll develop several strategies for finding the stuff you want more effectively The site: command is very helpful as an alternative to the mediocre search engines built into many sites 5 Suppose you want to contact someone and don&#39;t have his phone number handy Google can help you with that, too Just enter a name, city, and state (The city is optional, but you must enter a state.) If a phone number matches the listing, you&#39;ll see it at the top of the search results along with a map link to the address If you&#39;d rather restrict your results, use <strong>rphonebook</strong>: for residential listings or <strong>bphonebook</strong>: for business listings There are many other ways you can use Google to find what you’re looking for online And if you’re not using Google yet, what are you waiting for?! Cheers!

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Posted by Chad of Data Doctors on January 13, 2006