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What is running in the background?

Posted By : Chris of Data Doctors on February 24, 2006

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frames per second go from 60-66 and drop to 30-35 game stutters. goes back to 60-65. memory has 2 chips 1 is pc2700 the other is pc3200 can that be my problem?

both are 256 mb

This question was answered on February 24, 2006. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

It's not unusual for certain parts of a video game to be more resource-intensive than others Large mobs of bad guys or wide open, heavily animated worlds will usually cause your framerate to dip

It's certainly not recommended that you use two sticks of memory running at different speeds In fact, some suggest only using memory of the same brand, size, and speed That doesn't necessarily mean that your memory is the culprit here.

The bottom line is that 30-35 FPS is not bad at all from a gaming standpoint But, if you want to shoot for a more stable 60 FPS, increasing system memory and/or upgrading your video card will probably get you there.

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Posted by Chris of Data Doctors on February 24, 2006

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