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How do I forward e-mail without previous addresses attached in the document?


Many times forwarded messages arrive containing numerous previous addressees. How do I delete these previous addressees before I forward the message off to someone?


This question was answered on September 22, 1999. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

The numerous previous addresses attached to your e-mail is from someone doing a group mailing The way to delete these addresses is fairly straight forward and simple You start by saving the e-mail into a folder of your choice This folder needs to be one accessible by your word processor After you have saved it, use your word processor to open it (the e-mail) Use your mouse to click the beginning of the e-mail, and while pressing down the "Ctrl" key on the keyboard, use the mouse again and click the end of the addresses to be removed from the document This should highlight the portion of the document you wish to remove After you have removed everything you wish to remove, save the document again You may be prompted to save changes, and you should choose yes When you wish to send the document again, just copy and pasted it into your e-mail screen.

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Posted by Ken of Data Doctors on September 22, 1999