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What is the best way to send photos through e-mail?

Posted By : of Data Doctors on September 22, 1999

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what is the best way to attach a photo to e mail

This question was answered on September 22, 1999. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

There are basically two ways that you can send photos through e-mail

The first way is to send it as an attachment Start your e-mail as usual and click the attachment button This is usually a button with the picture of a paper clip on it (Check which one it is for your e-mail application by floating the arrow over each of the menu buttons and reading what is displayed) After you have selected to attach a file, a text window will appear displaying several folders, and perhaps a couple of drives as well Find the picture you want to attach and click it, then click "attach".

The second choice is to send the picture in the document itself Using your image editing software, click on the drop-down menu labeled "edit" Then click on "select all" Again using the drop down menu labeled "edit", you will this time select "copy" This will put the image of your picture onto the clipboard Files like photos are typically fairly large, so you may be requested to use Wordpad In the event you are prompted to use Wordpad, choose yes

After you have copied the photo onto the clipboard, close your image editing program and start you e-mail Once you have your document started, you should be able to click on the drop down menu labeled "edit", and then select "paste" This should insert the photo directly into your typing window, instead of attaching it Be aware that photo files are large, and take a long time to both send and download on the recipient side It may be advisable to give the recipient some advance warning that you are sending them, so they don't think their browser or e-mail is hung up instead of just downloading a large file

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Posted by of Data Doctors on September 22, 1999

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