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How do I upgrade the new version of Win95?


How can I find out which version of Windows-95 is in my PC? I bought it in August 1997 (it is on 13 floppy disks). I believe that there is an "A" version, a "B" version, an OSR2 version, etc.

I want to replace my 2 GB hard disk (2 partitions, "C" and "D", of 1 GB each) with a 6 GB or 8 GB disk. I am told that the old version of Windows-95 cannot have partitions bigger than 2 GB. I would like to have a 6 GB "C" partition. So I reckon I ought to have a 'new' version of Windows-95 . If I have an 'old' version of Windows-95 how do I upgrade to a 'new' version ?

- Bala


This question was answered on September 22, 1999. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

Windows 95B is not available as an upgrade to the regular Windows 95 users It is only available with new systems However, if you have a copy and want to upgrade from Windows 95A to 95B it can be done in one of two ways The first way, wipe your hard drive clean by using the fdisk and format commands and then load the new OS in the traditional manner.

If you do not want to start over from scratch use the following steps Make sure you need to upgrade first Right click on My Computer and choose Properties, then look for the version number of Windows If you do not see "950 B" listed, you can continue with the upgrade.

Put in the Win95B CD-ROM On some systems, the setup program will automatically run If it does not do that, run it manually When you see the License Agreement box, leave the box aloneā€”do not click anything in the box Press Ctrl-Esc to open the Start Menu, then click the Run icon Type "Notepad" and click "OK."

In Notepad, open a file called "setuppp.inf" (yes, it has three "P"s) in a folder called WININST0.400 on your hard drive Find a line in the file that looks like this: [data] and add a line below it that says "OEMUP=1." The two lines should look like this:



Save the file and click back on the Win95B setup window, then continue the installation by responding to the License Agreement box Windows 95B will then install itself over your current version of Windows.

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Posted by Ken of Data Doctors on September 22, 1999