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How do I edit AOL mail, or save informtion on a CD?

Posted By : Daren of University of Advancing Computer Technology on April 12, 2000

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How do I edit received e-mail (without saving in a separate file) in order to forward to different people-do not want to send the same info to all addressees? I have AOL mail.

Also, how do I copy data from one CD to another CD? I can do it with a floppy but don't know how with CDs.



This question was answered on April 12, 2000. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

I've used AOL for many years, and the way I would edit E-mail, before forwarding it, was to set up the letter like you would normally do Then edit the content I didn't(or did), want to send before I sent it You could also edit the mail prior to this, and re-send it to yourself, so it would be saved in your AOL mailbox, instead of in a separate file

As for the second part of you question, the only way to copy data from one CD to another is to use a CD-Recorder(aka:CD-Burner), along with your regular cd-player Think of it like a tape recorder With a tape recorder, you need one to play music, and one to record The concept is similar with CD players Only instead of using magnetic tape to record on (like the tape recorder, and floppy disks), a CD actually burns the data on the disk So you can only record on a single CD one time A CDR, or recordable CD, will usually set you back about $2 or $3 dollars But the actual cd-burner will run between $150 dollars and up

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Posted by Daren of University of Advancing Computer Technology on April 12, 2000

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