When I go onto the Internet, the writing turns into squares.

Posted By : Swanya of Chandler-Gilbert Community College on March 22, 2001

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There are times that I get on the Internet, and sometimes on the computer itself, The writing turns into squares. If I reboot, sometimes it goes away, other times it takes many reboots to get it where I can read any writing. Please, can you tell me what is wrong, and what I can do about it?

Thanks in advance. Steve

This question was answered on March 22, 2001. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

Hi Steve,

You may be having problems with information turning into squares when trying to get onto the Internet because you may be having poor performance problems Poor performance problems may be because of Internet Explorer multimedia files like pictures, sound, and videos If you are using a slow connection to access the Internet,these files may take a long time to appear or be played.

To improve performance Problems-

Check the Internet Explorer Version you are using

Example: Internet Explorer 5

1 Start Internet Explorer, Click Internet Options on the Tools menu

2 On the Advance Tab, Click to clear one or more of the check boxes in the multimedia area.

3 Click Apply

4 Disable the AutoComplete feature for forms and passwords:

a On the Tools menu, Click Internet Options

b Click the Content Tab, and then Click AutoComplete

c Click to clear the Forms and User names and passwords on Forms check boxes, Click OK, and then Click OK.

5 Click the Security Tab , and then Click Custon Level

6 Click Disable for one or more of the items in the Active Content areas (Note: If you disable Active X, Java, and Scripting, you may not be able to view Web sites that use these features.)

7 Click OK, and then Click OK.

Check the Windows Hard Disk Optimization method to check for hard disk space

Check Windows Virtual Memory and let it manage the virtual memory on your computer

Check Video Adapter Driver Resolution.

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Posted by Swanya of Chandler-Gilbert Community College on March 22, 2001

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