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How do I move a BDC?


We loaded a Back up domain server in our shop, It was hooked to a NT Server. Now we need to hook it to the PDS on site. Can we chage the setting for this server or do we need to reload the BDS when hooked to the PDS that it will be on?


This question was answered on June 11, 1999. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

We are sorry but we do not fully understand your question When you say that the Backup Domain server was hooked to a NT server and now you need to hook it to the PDS on site, were all three on the same network? Are you physically moving the BDC? In order to have a BDC you must have a PDC in the same network I have included some information about the roles of PDCs and BDCs below Please resubmit your question with a little more information and we will try to help you

A PRIMARY DOMAIN CONTROLLER (PDC) is a server that contains the master copy of the user database including all of the user accounts, global groups, and computer accounts The PDC verifies users as they log on or access a shared resource Tools are also included in the PDC that are used for centralized administration, such as Server Manager for Domains and User Manager for Domains Only one PDC can exist in a domain The Primary Domain Controller can be changed (to a Primary Domain Controller or Backup Domain Controller) ONLY by reinstalling Windows NT Server

A BACKUP DOMAIN CONTROLLER (BDC) is a server that contains only a copy of the master user database The master copy of the user database is replicated from the Primary Domain Controller (PDC) A BDC shares the load in verifying user accounts Account changes cannot be made from the BDC if the PDC is not available If the PDC becomes unavailable, a BDC can be promoted to a PDC Several BDCs can exist in a domain

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Posted by Ken of Data Doctors on June 11, 1999