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Is Your Computer Getting Forgetful?

Posted By : of Data Doctors on June 15, 1999

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Is Your Computer Getting Forgetful?

This question was answered on June 15, 1999. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

Sound familiar? You turn on your machine, and for some reason your computer no longer knows what time, or even more importantly, it can't even remember what year it is? Well, if this is happening to you, don't throw it out the window This is known as "An Almost Dead CMOS Battery" These batteries are easily replaced and not very expensive If you do not replace this battery during this stage, then it gets worse and forgets what equipment it has as well So take care of this right away Usually by calling your local service company, they can supply you with exactly what you need to get your machine back to normal.

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Posted by of Data Doctors on June 15, 1999

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