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DIMM Memory Module Woes!

Posted By : of Data Doctors on June 15, 1999

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DIMM Memory Module Woes!

This question was answered on June 15, 1999. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

So.., you just bought a nifty new Pentium motherboard that will handle the 233MMX processor your friend gave you because he upgraded to a Pentium II You were so careful to get all the cables on correctly, hooked up the hard drives, installed the cards and memory, setup your CMOS.., and as you boot for the first time you are greeted with the message "Invalid System Disk." You recheck your hard drive settings, they are even the same as the old motherboard and yet you still have "Invalid System Disk."

The Answer Possibly it's your DIMM memory modules We have seen some DIMM modules (a certain type of ram) do not work well on all systems In this particular case, they would work fine on one board with no problems But on the new board they caused the disk error The solution, borrow or purchase the same amount of ram in regular SIMM modules then try it As with our friend in New River, this was the fix Remember, there was nothing wrong with the original DIMM modules on the original motherboard, nor were the new DIMM sockets bad on the new motherboard Simply an incompatibility problem!

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Posted by of Data Doctors on June 15, 1999

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