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Why will my computer not boot into Windows XP.

Posted By : Kevin of Chandler-Gilbert Community College on February 12, 2007

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I downloaded the free AVG antivirus software, when it asked to reboot I clicked ok. The computer switched off and started to reboot, windows xp got to the sceen where it says welcome, and then it went into shutdown mode. A blue screen with text appeared for about 1 second (so I was unable to read the error), the computer then rebooted and got to the same windows welcome page, and then the shutdown kicks in again and the whole process continues to repeat until I switch the pc off manually. I have tried to switch pc on since an the same thing keeps happening. I cannot open windows xp at all, and therefore cannot get access to anything on my computer. Please help! Thankyou

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Hi there,

I actually use AVG free at home and have found it to be a pretty serviceable anti-virus program I am not sure that installing it is really your issue that is causing XP not to boot properly You have a couple of options; you can hit your delete key when the system is booting and try booting Windows in safe mode and deleting AVG, or worst case scenario you may have to reformat your drive by booting from your Windows disk from setup/Bios This is a last ditch option and you need to make sure you back up any files before doing so, though this sounds like a software issue there could be many other factors hindering your ability to boot Windows XP.

Good Luck!!

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Posted by Kevin of Chandler-Gilbert Community College on February 12, 2007

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