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How do I connect with Internet connection Wizard again?


I can connect find with AOL, suggesting no hardware conflicts etc, but I cannot connect with connection wizard, or anything similar. Neither can I use Phone dialer. It says selcted telephony device already in use.

I have used Ctrl-alt-del to close all background programs but nothing helps.

DO you have any ideas please? I've looked everywhere.


This question was answered on April 13, 2001. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

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Try closing your programs again, and check the power to your modem.

1. Close any open programs

A. Close all programs that might be using the same

communications port as your modem, such as any fax programs,

Hyper Terminal or Phone Dialer.

B. In the Internet Connection Wizard, Click Redial

C. If this does not work, Start the Internet Connection

Wizard,Click Options on the Tools menu, Click Connect Tab,

Click Connect

2. If you have an external modem, check the power to your modem

A. While your computer is running, turn off your modem,and then

turn it on again Check to make sure your modem is

operational For example the CS or Clear To Send (CTS)

indicator lights on your modem should have illuminated.

B. If your modem is operational, Click Redial.

C. If you determine there is a problem with your modem or you

redial and it still does not work, your modem may not have

initialized correctly Completely shutdown your computer,

and then turn the computer back on while the modem is

powered on If your modem is still not operational,

uninstall and reinstall your modem.


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Posted by Swanya of Chandler-Gilbert Community College on April 13, 2001