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Why is my monitor not receiving a video signal?

Posted By : Ryan of Chandler-Gilbert Community College on April 13, 2007

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I have a Compac Presario 7470. I can not get the a signal between monitor and pc. The mointor says there is no signal. I tried to hook up the pc to another monitor still did not work. Hooked up monitor to my other pc and monitor works fine. HELP!!!!!!

This question was answered on April 13, 2007. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

The reason you are not receiving a video signal is most likely due to a bad video card You have taken all the necessary trouble shooting steps by verifying that the monitor works with another PC as well as verifying that your Compaq Presario 7470 doesn't work with another monitor Replace your video card and you will be all set You can replace you video card by following the steps below or by taking it to a reputable computer shop.

1.Unplug the PC

2.Remove the cover

3.Identify the slot you will use for the graphics card In most cases it will the the larger (AGP) slot closest tot the CPU

4.Remove the cover plate adjacent to the slot for your graphics adapter card

5.Align the card over the slot with the video connection facing toward the outside of the PC

6.Set the card into the slot and press down firmly Make sure the mounting bracket is properly aligned with any slot that might be present It may be necessary to gently rock the card from end to end to secure it in the slot The gold contacts at the bottom of the card should nearly or completely disappear into the slot The card should be level and straight

7.Secure the graphics adapter mounting bracket to the case with a screw (or replace the securing mechanism your case uses

8.Replace the cover

9.Plug in the PC

10.Connect the video connector from your monitor to the connector on the graphics card

That completes the hardware installation, next you will need to start the computer and complete the software installation Your graphics adapter should have come with a disk which contains the appropriate drivers.

Follow the manufacturer's instructions for installing the software Windows will detect the graphics adapter and start the hardware wizard; simply follow the prompts Some manufacturers require you to cancel the hardware wizard and complete the installation using their own installation instructions.

After everything is working, you can go back into the Windows Control Panel and reset the resolution and refresh as recommended by the manufacturer of your monitor Failure to use recommended settings can result in damage to your monitor

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Posted by Ryan of Chandler-Gilbert Community College on April 13, 2007

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