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Why is my computer not booting up right?

Posted By : Kevin of Chandler-Gilbert Community College on May 21, 2007

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I just installed 2 GB of RAM on top of the 256 MB that were already in my computer because it was running really slow. I also installed a new CD/DVD-ROM. I plugged in the power and the computer turned on fine except that nothing showed up on the screen. The monitor works just fine. I double checked all of the connections and it seems as thought the computer is just not booting up, even though all of the lights and fans turn on. I did notice that the keyboard and the mouse were not working though. What is the problem and how can I fix it? Is it the mother board?

This question was answered on May 21, 2007. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

I can almost guarantee this is a memory conflict issue; the 2 GB you recently got may not work with the 256 that was already in there Try this and I'm sure it will fix your issue: Remove the 256 chip and just keep the 2 GB sticks on your motherboard This will still be plenty of memory and should fix your conflict your experiencing.

Good luck!! Kevin

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Posted by Kevin of Chandler-Gilbert Community College on May 21, 2007

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