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How do I play Quake II over the internet?


Hi,I would just like to find out how to set up TCP/IP so me and my friend could share information and play an ocasional Quake II game.I know that one computer has to be set up as the server and the other has to dial in, but that's basically all I know about it. If you can please answer this it would be appreciated.Thank you.


This question was answered on July 1, 1999. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

We don't have direct experience with Quake II played in this manner When you say server and client you are referring to a network of computers in the same place linked together, with NIC(network interface cards) installed and software that lets the server and clients share resources Your profile doesn't appear to have this type of setup We are assuming you are one person with a computer who wants to play Quake II with someone else with a computer in a different location.

What we do know is that there are alot of Quake fans out there on the internet We are assuming your friend and you are both connected to the internet I see that your email is from yahoo You can play Quake II over the internet Go to then click on games Then click on Communities,then click on Quake II there is a multitude of Quake II multiplayer info and devotees Also the manufacturers web site has helpful information.

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Posted by Ken of Data Doctors on July 1, 1999