Why doesn't my Multipass Printer work with my new internet connection?

Posted By : of Data Doctors on July 7, 1999

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I recently signed up for USWest MegaPak service with guranteed ease of installation. After many hours on the phone with tech support it is determined they sent the wrong nic card. The tech had me delete "Driver*.*" and now I cannot print. I called the tech and he said to call Canon, Canon charged me for the call and told me to call a local computer place to change my settings to a ECP printer port. Canon also said they could easily walk me through it, but he could not do this for me. My error is "The hardware could not be inilized. The connection device may not be the same as the Multipasss devise that was installed. Please check your setup and configuration to make sure that the Multipass system connected matches your installation." I have uninstalled the Multipass, unpluggedd it, shut down, waited, reinstalled and still have the same problem.

I really appreciate any guidance you can provide.


This question was answered on July 7, 1999. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

Below we have included instructions from the Canon support web page that relate to your problem, but we cannot say whether they will work Unfortunately there are many variables going on with your computer which is so hard to diagnose especially when we are not at the computer in question The incorrect NIC(network interface card) may have had some impact, did you uninstall the NIC? It would seem that this would be the best place to start and to get your system back to working before you add the new NIC Also the tech's advice to delete driver*.* is a little scary because * stands for any character so you may have accidently deleted something valuable to your printer Read through the following and see if it is helpful to you, just be careful.

MultiPASS Hardware Cannot Initialize

If your computer displays the message, 'The MultiPASS hardware could not be initialized,' please follow the steps listed below until the message clears.

Close all applications, use Shutdown function in Windows 95 or Windows 98 and turn off the power to the computer.

Disconnect the printer cable from the MultiPASS and verify none of the pins are broken, burnt, or recessed into the MultiPASS' printer cable plug.

Insert the cable firmly and squarely into the MultiPASS┬╣ printer port connector Ensure both wire clips are engaged completely!

Disconnect the printer cable from the computer and verify none of the pins are broken, burnt, or recessed into the cable's connector shell.

Plug the cable firmly and squarely into the computer's printer port connector Rotate both thumbscrews down at the same time or rotate one screw a turn, then the other screw a turn, and alternate until the connector is squarely seated Squarely seating the connector is critical!

Power on the MultiPASS unit After the date is displayed in the LCD, power on the computer.

Verify that the printer cable is no longer than 6.5' and that it supports bi-directional parallel communication in the asynchronous mode or that the cable complies with the IEEE-1284 standard; the packaging will include this information If not, replace the cable with one that meets those specifications.

At the MultiPASS' operator panel, press the following keys:


0 (zero on numeric keypad)

< (Left arrow) until DOS Printing appears

START/COPY (twice)

Invoke the MS-DOS Prompt from 'Programs' menu At the computer, type the following command and press the <ENTER> key:


At the MultiPASS' operator panel, press "Function", then "Printer Reset"; this will eject the paper Verify the MultiPASS printed a brief directory If not, then the cable, the computer's parallel port, or the MultiPASS' parallel port is malfunctioning You can isolate the problem by trying this test with a different printer connected to your computer, or with the MultiPASS connected to a different computer.

Verify the computer's parallel port is configured to operate in ECP (Extended Capabilities Port) mode or bi-directional mode You may need to consult your computer's documentation for jumper settings on the board containing the port, or you may need to contact your computer's manufacturer for this information.

In the computers' <root: >\WINDOWS\TEMP folder, delete all temporary files created by Windows.

Remove any programs or applications that are in Windows' Startup Group Your PC's Operator Manual can give you more information on how to perform this function.

Applications invoked via the 'Load' and/or 'Run' line(s) of your Win.ini file could conflict with the MultiPASS Server Please open the Win.ini file and disable those lines by typing the character ';' or the characters 'rem' in front of those lines (do not include the single quotes) Save the changes and restart your computer.

To test the MultiPASS' parallel port in a Windows environment, you will need to install the printer driver Canon BJC-4400 You can download the driver off of our downloads section Set the BJC-4400 as your default printer At the MultiPASS' operator panel, press the following keys:


0 (zero on numeric keypad)

< (Left arrow) until DOS Printing appears

START/COPY (twice)

Open 'Notepad', type 'This is a test,' and try to print If it prints now, start the MultiPASS Server and print with the MultiPASS printer driver If it doesn't print, try installing the MultiPASS software on another computer.

The procedures listed above should correct the condition reported by the message If the MultiPASS still does not initialize, please call Canon's Customer Care Center at 1-757-413-2848 Let the technician know that all the steps listed on this web page have been completed

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Posted by of Data Doctors on July 7, 1999

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