Why is my computer failing on boot up?


I have had this issue for quite some time and im not exactly sure when it started. The issue is the computer just randomly fails. When i first boot the computer it gets through windows just fine then after about a minute or so it will just restart itself. Usually when it boots through the second time it will freeze, either during the bios or during the first part of windows starting, and I have to shut it down manually then start it back up (restarting it doesnt work). 99 % of the time it will work just fine now. It can also be restarted with no issue too. If it gets shut down for a few minutes or more though, the whole process starts over. I have tried a few virus cleaners but have had no luck so I have been wondering if it could be a hardware issue. Im still not convinced it couldnt be a virus becasue i had tried a different hard drive with a fresh intallation of windows and it seemed to work fine for the first few times of booting windows but when i used my back up dvd from my old hard drive to transfer a lot of my stuff over it went back to this same mess after maybe the second shut down/turn on process. I'm open to any advice or solutions you may have. Thanks, Michael


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Hope your having a nice summer besides your computer problem of course, this issue could actually be both but I am leaning more towards a hardware failure I am leaning more towards a motherboard issue here Michael, you can try updating your motherboards bios online if you can stay on long enough, or have a diagnostics check done as well It sounds like you've tried the new hard drive and clean install already so this is the next place I would look Good Luck!!

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Posted by Kevin of Chandler-Gilbert Community College on June 19, 2007