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What could cause my computer not to boot up anymore?


My computer started slowing down and one day it started making noises and then finally wouldn`t boot up at all. When everything is plugged in and I press the power button, nothing happens anymore (I`ve checked all of the outlets and connection wires). What could the problem be?


This question was answered on July 7, 2007. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

Hi there, this could be several problems but more likely then not this is a hardware failure issue either with your motherboard or another component due to overheating This can be hard to test obviously due to the fact you can no longer boot your computer up, but you can have a diagnostics check done by Data Doctors or another computer technical company to find out which component has failed and then make the necessary replacements.

Good Luck! Kevin

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Posted by Kevin of Chandler-Gilbert Community College on July 7, 2007