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Macros - not just a setting on your camera!

Posted By : George of Data Doctors on August 22, 2007

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How Do I Disable Macros to avoid a virus?

This question was answered on August 22, 2007. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

Some Excel and Word documents contain extra code that can give the document more functions and/or features This is a good thing unless the functions and features are virus laden These types of viruses are called Macro Viruses and are on the rise again in recent months This tip is for anyone who receives a document in Excel (.xls) or Word (.doc) format via an untrusted source that just 'has' to open the document Simply hold down the Control (Ctrl) key on your keyboard while opening the file in Microsoft Word or Excel and Macros are disabled! Keep in mind that some features of the document may not work, however, you will be protected if the document happens to contain on of the macro nasties!

For other time-saving shortcuts, see Microsoft's website

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Posted by George of Data Doctors on August 22, 2007

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