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How can I restore Windows 98 to the correct settings?


Please help !

I'm a beginner !

The machine is only 7 months old !

I've spent two phone calls to the company 2 hours and 1 hour at a premium rate. I was told to format 'c' and reload win 98. Now I have untold problems. Please help resolve one !

What I've done/checked;

Windows loaded with provided CD.

Original was loaded when m/c bought, with ¡¥Patriot¡¦ logo on Windows screen. Not on now !

Many differences, main one max. screen resolution 640x480

Max. monitor resolution stated as 1024x768

What I¡¦ve done:

1. Start >Settings >Control Panel >Display > Settings,:

Shows two options ¡V 2 bit and 16 bit

2. ¡¥Screen area¡¦ option slide will not move

3. Advanced option

General tab

Font size will not change

Colour Management tab

sRGB colour option shown as default, all others removed, otherwise this option not allowed. Then, added all again, and added profiles to be associated ¡V ie the monotor and the printer !

4. DirectX installed from tower mnf. (Patriot ) CD, supplied with purchase.

5. For the monitor, drivers ¡¥updated¡¦.

6. Windows Help followed:

„h 256 colour display ¡V done that

„h to colour synchronise a monitor and printer ¡V instructions are ¡V file> colour management ¡V doesn¡¦t exist

„h colours ¡V all options suggested, that work I¡¦ve tried

including, explorer page, >view> internet options> general>colours, which did not seem relevant

„h colour management ¡V all options suggested that I can facilitate, done that

Now I¡¦m going round in circles. And, I bet it¡¦s something really simple. For this simple novice, please help !

Thank you - even if it is only for reading this. I'm ready to throw the piece of grey plastic out the window.

My poor little machine looks as though, it's my eyesight that is now disfunctional !


This question was answered on July 27, 1999. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

We can empathize with your plight There is a reason most machines come preloaded with Windows and that is because Windows can be tough to load and to tweak to the correct settings When you load from the Windows 98 cd you are loading Windows only, not the customized changes that Patriot made to your computer when they built the system

It is hard to help with so many variables in the mix We have copied the warranty information from the Patriot site indicating that you shouldn't be paying for the technical help Perhaps more insistent help on your part will convince them that they need to be more helpful and for free!

Purchase a Patriot FAMILY COMPUTER and for a period of one year you receive :

Express Parts and Labor Limited Warranty* with 24-hours a day, 7days a week, toll-free friendly, knowledgable, technical support

* You may write Patriot for a copy of the detailed terms of the Limited Warranty.

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Posted by Ken of Data Doctors on July 27, 1999