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How do I save my password for my Internet Service Provider?


The box for the check to save my password in Cybertrails (ISP) is greyed out. How do I change the grey to active so that I can check the box to save my password?


This question was answered on August 27, 1999. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

When you are using Dial-Up Networking, you may experience the following symptoms:

When you are using Dial-Up Networking or you are attempting to connect to a shared network resource that requires a password, the option to save the password that you are entering may not be available When you are using Dial-Up Networking, this option normally appears as a Save Password check box

If you have installed Internet Explorer 4.0 or 4.01, and you click Internet Options on the View menu, click the Connection tab, click "Connect to the Internet using a modem," and then click Settings, the Connect Automatically To Update Subscriptions check box may be unavailable


This behavior can occur if you are not currently logged on to Windows 95 If you click Cancel in the logon dialog box that appears when Windows 95 is starting, your password cache list file is not opened, and your passwords cannot be saved


To work around this behavior

When you start Windows 95, do not click Cancel in the logon dialog box If you do not have a password, create a new one by typing it in the Password box, or create a null password by clicking OK If you create a null password, you are no longer prompted to log on to Windows 95 when Windows 95 starts Creating a null password does not prevent other people from accessing your computer, but does allow you to save your password when you are using Dial-Up Networking or a shared network resource

NOTE: Creating a null password does not allow you to save your Dial-Up Networking password if you are using user profiles Using user profiles prevents the Dial-Up Networking password from being saved

To restart Windows 95 so that you receive the logon dialog box, use the appropriate method

Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 Not Installed:

Click Start, click Shut Down, click "Close all programs and log on as a different user", and then click OK

Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 Installed:

Click Start, click Log Off <username>, and then click Yes


Password cache list files are associated with individuals If you do not log on to Windows 95, Windows 95 does not know who you are, and cannot open your password cache list file

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Posted by Ken of Data Doctors on August 27, 1999