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Why is my recycle bin full after installing Nuts and Bolts?

Posted By : of Data Doctors on August 27, 1999

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Recently I installed "Nuts and Bolts" and ever since then I keep having this on-going problem. I log on, go to the web, look up different things and without deleting anything, sign off and find my "recycle bin loaded up with everything I touched on. I have been dumping everything from it after each use but it keeps re-ocurring.....????

Would appreciate any help on this, Thanks!

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This question was answered on August 27, 1999. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

What you are seeing is the result of the TrashGuard component of Nuts & Bolts The TrashGuard extends the protection of your recycle bin to include files that may not otherwise be sent to the recycle bin Temporary files and cache files are but two examples These files are normally created and deleted without you ever realizing it, but with TrashGuard, when they are deleted they are sent to the Recycle Bin You can set the TrashGuard to exclude protection of some of these files to reduce the amount of files that are sent to the recycle bin

To eliminate a file type from TrashGuard's protection, identify the files that are temporary files and still being sent to the Recycle Bin

Add those file extensions to the TrashGuard Properties as Files To Exclude

Click on START, click on PROGRAMS, click on NUTS & BOLTS, click on TRASHGUARD, click on the PROPERTIES button

Click on ADD NEW and type the filenames that you want excluded

eg - to disable guarding of files with the extension hpf, type "*.HPF" (without the quotes)

Click on OK to close the properties dialogue box

Click on OK to close the TrashGuard dialogue box

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Posted by of Data Doctors on August 27, 1999

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