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How to Easily Record Streaming Audio & Video

Posted By : of Data Doctors on September 14, 2012

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In the past, you guys talked about a program that allowed you to record Internet radio and YouTube videos pretty easily. What was the name of the program again?

- Stephen

This question was answered on September 14, 2012. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

The Internet is chock full of resources that allow you to stream audio and video on demand, which is slowly killing off the wonderful art of recording.

But there are lots of reasons to want to record digital media these days and no program brings me more joy than Jaksta ( ) when it comes to recording from the Internet.

As an old-timer that still has fond memories of recording hit songs from the radio onto a cassette so I could listen to them in my car (or on my Walkman!), Jaksta takes me back to those days.

If you listen to music from while you work on your computer, you’ve likely heard a new song that you’d love to hear again, but Pandora doesn’t allow you to replay it or request it

Pandora does allow you to buy the song from iTunes or Amazon or you can wait until it comes back around on the mix, just like with the radio.

When I listen to my Pandora channels with Jaksta running in the background and hear a song that I’d love to have on my iPhone, it’s a simple matter of a few mouse clicks to add it to my iTunes library.

Jaksta automatically records everything that Pandora is playing as a separate song and puts it into a queue of files that I can review, delete or add to my iTunes library.

Other music streaming sites like can also be recorded or you can even record just the audio from YouTube music videos.

If you want to capture video from YouTube or other video streaming sites that you can transfer to your mobile devices, Jaskta does that too.

Jaskta can capture and convert content into standard audio and video formats such as MP3, AVI and WMV as well as Apple audio books and for devices such as the Apple TV, Archos video players, Sony Playstation, XboX 360, Zune and virtually every platform of music player.

You can convert video into compressed or uncompressed DVD and VCD formats or into a file that most common handheld gaming devices can play back.

What’s truly amazing about the technology Jaksta incorporates is that you don’t have to sit through an entire song or video in order to capture it It literally sucks the file down in seconds as soon as you start to play it, so you don’t have to sit through a entire video or song to capture it.

Jaksta claims that it can download video and music from over 100,00 sites, but it can’t capture sites or services such as Spotify that use protection schemes to block the recordings, so don’t expect it to be able to capture everything you see or hear.

Jaksta is available for both Windows and Mac based computers and comes in a variety of packages that can record just audio or video or both that range from $19.95 to $69.95.

You can download a trial version of any of the packages before you decide to buy from .

I like Jaksta Plus for Windows ($49.95) because it includes the automatic music identification and tagging of converted MP3 files, so that song title and artist info is automatically embedded in the captured files.

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Posted by of Data Doctors on September 14, 2012

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