2013 Top Tech Tips from Data Doctors


2013 Top Tech Tips from Data Doctors


This question was answered on December 30, 2013. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

2013 was another banner year for technology that included the emergence of consumer grade wearable technology (like the Pebble and Samsung smartwatches, the Fitbit fitness monitor and Google Glass), the emergence of Samsung as the #1 smartphone manufacturer, the continued slide of Blackberry (the former market leader in smartphones) and the public awareness of an electronic currency system known as Bitcoin (something we helped cover back in 2011).

Our weekly advice in 2013 began by answering questions about the proper way to charge your smartphone and how (& where) to properly dispose of your old electronics.

Another big topic of discussion was trying to avoid using Windows 8 or at least how to make it work more like Windows 7 and the emerging threat of ransomware that targeted individuals and businesses.

Tax season always brings out the con artists and making sure you aren’t infected with a hidden keylogger before you start preparing your taxes is a prudent step and disabling the most hacked platform on your computer (Java) if you really don’t need it is another good way to protect yourself.  

The ongoing discussion about Free vs Pay Antivirus protection and whether it was too weak to protect you was made even more relevant as the Cryptolocker ransomware virus overpowered just about every antivirus program if it could get you to open its clever e-mail attachments.

The desire to extend battery life and  print from your mobile device became much more prevalent as did making sure you can find your lost or stolen laptop if it ever goes missing.

We warned of the fake Microsoft Support phone scams that continue to this day, discussed the various ways that your webcam can be hacked and how to deal with dead pixels on your display panel.

As the new year’s celebrations approach, our tips on how to photograph fireworks with your digital camera is timely as is our #1suggestion for making even a new laptop run faster.

We introduced Wolfram Alpha to all the non-techs as a new way to search for computational knowledge and revisited the Injet vs Laser question for a small business owner.

As Samsung continued its dominance in the smartphone market, more people wanted help with switching from an iPhone to an Android handset and how the megapixel wars in smartphones was misleading.

As 2014 approaches, Windows XP users have to start thinking about an exit strategy from an OS that is 6 times more hackable while business owners need to be especially aware of how to protect their business from the current Cryptolocker ransomware threat and everyone is struggling with whether they should trust ‘the cloud’ or not.

 The coming year in technology will continue to excite and perplex most of us, so remember to continue posting your questions on our Facebook page so we can do our best to help you!


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Posted by Ken of Data Doctors on December 30, 2013