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How do I test my phone line?

Posted By : of Data Doctors on October 20, 1999

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I heard that there is a way to check the speed that my phone lines will support. Can you give me the instructions?

This question was answered on October 20, 1999. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

Here are the full Linetest instructions:


LineTest has three requirements:

You must reside in the United States of America or Canada.

Any manufacturer's V.34 modem, installed and connected to a phone line.

Any terminal application (such as Windows�95 HyperTerminal, RapidComm", QuickLink II" or MacComCenter")


First, print out these instructions You'll need to hang up and disconnect from the Internet to complete the test

Close your Internet connection, then open a "terminal window" in your communications software For detailed instructions, consult your software's documentation

Dial this number from your computer: 1-847-262-6000.

You'll be connected to the LineTest system, and asked if your system supports graphics Press the 'Enter' key to proceed

You'll then be prompted for your first name.

Type in: line

Press the 'Enter' key.

Next, you'll be prompted for your last name.

Type in: test

Press the 'Enter' key again

The LineTest system will perform a series of diagnostics on your connection, and will inform you of its conclusion This may take a minute or so

If you see: "This connection supports 56K* technology!" Congratulations -- you're in good company!

Tech Alert!

At this point, if you press the 'Enter' key, you'll see the first of two screens of line statistics Press the 'Enter' key again for the second screen When you're done, type in the letter g, then press the 'Enter' key to disconnect

If you're not interested in this information, type in the letter g, then press the 'Enter' key to disconnect Dial up your Internet connection again, and you're ready to step up to high-speed downloads from the Internet!

If you see: "Your line does not support 56K technology."

Type in the letter g, then press the 'Enter' key to disconnect

Since line conditions can change from call to call, we recommend that you make several calls to LineTest to ensure an accurate diagnosis If you have multiple phone lines available for use, we recommend that you try calling from each line

If you see: "56K is not currently possible on this connection, or is likely to be highly impaired." Type in the letter g, then press the 'Enter' key to disconnect

The most likely reason for this response is more than one analog-to-digital conversion in the connection to your provider If multiple calls indicate that your line won't support 56K technology, keep in mind that telephone network configurations can change, so your chances of making high-speed connections may improve over time

If you see: "Cannot determine 56K capability, test must run in V.34 mode." Type in the letter g, then press the 'Enter' key to disconnect

You may get this response if you have excessive "noise" or static on your phone line Since line conditions can change from call to call, we recommend you try again at another time

Important Note

We've taken great care to ensure that LineTest reports accurate results However, due to the complexity of the diagnostics LineTest performs, we can't guarantee 100% accuracy We'll improve and enhance LineTest as your feedback rolls in

* Capable of receiving downloads at up to 56 Kbps and sending at up to 31.2 Kbps Due to FCC regulations on power output, receiving speeds are limited to 53 Kbps Actual speeds may vary Requires compatible analog phone line and server equipment See for details

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Posted by of Data Doctors on October 20, 1999

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