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Why is my monitor showing different colors and a bluish tint?

Posted By : of Data Doctors on August 22, 1999

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MY monitor, seems to have gone a permanent bluey color. All the colors look different, and I can't see many things. For example, Red turns out black, Green turns out yellow, and the white color looks like white and blue mixed up

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One of the primary colors is missing from all displayed images, or one of the primary colors flickers in intensity intermittently

Explanation: The displayed image either permanently or temporarily shows the loss of one of the primary colors, making the whole screen look like it is being viewed through a greenish, bluish or purplish tint Usually this means that one of red, green, or blue is missing from the image regardless of what is being displayed The problem may appear intermittently, flickering in and out, or it may be present all the time.

Diagnosis: This problem is normally caused by a break in the connection of one of the three color signals between the video card and the monitor It is very common, particularly with older monitors.


Double-check the connection from the PC to the monitor Make sure that the cable is securely attached on both ends, and that it is not kinked, stretched or damaged Try changing the angle that the cable is sitting at

Try replacing the monitor cable (if possible, some monitors have the cable integrated into the monitor) and see if the problem goes away

Take the monitor in for repair Many times, these problems are caused by repeated thermal stress causing solder joints to crack or come loose where the cable attaches to the circuit board inside the monitor This type of problem can usually be repaired economically

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Posted by of Data Doctors on August 22, 1999

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