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Will Faxworks 3.0 work on my new computer?

Posted By : of Data Doctors on September 1, 1999

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I recently purchased a Gateway computer with MS Office 2000 Professional installed. AT the time I purchased it Gateway told me that a fax program came with the computer. After receiving it I found there was no fax program avail on it like it says there is. It tells me to look for Mega.Phone under programs, but it does not exist. I called and in fact they told me, I was correct they did not have one installed on the computer, because they don't have a fax program right now that is compatible with the Office 2000. Since then I have purchased a fax/answering machine for that purpose. However, HERE IS THE QUESTION. On my old computer is a program called faxworks 3.0. It has the record and copies of all the faxes that I have sent. These faxes are very important regarding a legal issue and I need to have them available to me to copy as needed, however I am giving the old computer to a school as a donation. I need to know if I can in fact download Faxworks 3.0 that was on my Packard Bell computer (it is also on the Master CD) onto my gateway so that I can access these files? Will it be compatible with MSoffice 2000 Pro? I can't afford a whole new program, but it wouldn't help me anyway because all the documents and proof of contact regarding this legal issue is on the old computer. I have transfered all the faxes received and sent to disc, but they only show up as numbers and I can't open them in any other program except Faxworks.Will it hurt to try and download it from the Packard Bell Master CD to Gateway? I don't want it to screw up something else with my new computer because of possible shared files etc. Can you help me? I don't know what the usual time frame is for your answer, but I need to access those documents as soon as possible and would really appreciate any help you can give me concerning this issue.

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Faxworks 3.0 is a basic program that comes as a free program with many modems It may or may not work properly within Office 2000 but that is secondary to the ability to pull up and print old faxes The best way to find out your options would be to contact the manufacturer Faxworks is made by a company by the name of Global Village You can access their tech support info at:

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Posted by of Data Doctors on September 1, 1999

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