Why does my computer spontaneously reboot?

Posted By : of Data Doctors on September 22, 1999

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My computer spontaneously reboots. I will be on the Internet or in Word97 or in a game, I hear a click and then it just starts rebooting. I assumed it was a power problem, but I have used other outlets and get same result. I can recreate the bug, without fail, by clicking on Network Neighborhood then clicking on the other computer and then, bam, I am rebooting. There is no pause or anything. This is really messing up my computer and on top of that Microsoft lectures me everytime it happens in scandisk with a "to prevent this problem from occurring, please choose shut down from menu" error. It will never boot fully once this happens, I have to manually restart it, go into safety mode then boot it up again; after that when I click on AOL, I get a "pci something is invalid or busy" and I can't sign on, until I reboot a 3rd time, then it works! please help me out, its too nice of a computer to be smashed with a baseball bat!

sys specs in more detail:

p3 500

v3 3000 16 or 12 megs of ram

microsoft sidewinder ffback joystick

196 mgs of ram

brand name, AZ computers, sorry dont hold it against me :-)

p.s. the cable conecting my computers (100ft coax) is busted, when i use a smaller cable the network does work though. dont know if that will help.

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Go to My Computer on the desktop, right click, click Properties and in the properties window and choose Performance and then File System.

There will be a setting for what kind of role your machine plays This might be set to something other than desktop computer Change it to desktop computer if that is the case Another solution would be to disable power management under Control Panel If neither of these options work for you, please write us again.

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Posted by of Data Doctors on September 22, 1999

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