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How do I attach a photo to my e-mail?


I read your column in today's Republic on sending photos

via e-mail. I have a problem doing this. I have an iMac, and my provider is Goodnet. Every time I try to send a picture, the recipient gets text. I have used all the right settings: JPEG, reduced size, etc. When I called Goodnet, they told me that I need to upgrade my Outlook Express. This seems a little peculiar in as much as I should already have a current version of Outlook Express. Have you any suggestions? I find this to be very frustrating. I have no problem receiving pictures.


This question was answered on September 22, 1999. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

This question has been asked a few times before and this answer is from our database, about how to attach the a photo to your e-mail, if this does not work, let us know about it, there could be other factors effecting your mails.

To attach a photo to email:

1 Scan and save the photo noting its name and location.

2 Open the email program you have and start a new message that you will send with the photo.

3 Most mail programs have a paper clip or a window entry called attachments, click on this.

4 You will need to either type in the photo full name or browse(easier) and select your photo then click attach.

5 This associates the email with the photo file attachment.

6 Send as usual

Good luck!

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Posted by Ken of Data Doctors on September 22, 1999