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Why is my CD Rom not working?

Posted By : Chester of University of Advancing Computer Technology on April 16, 2000

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hello, it is 5:00 p.m., saturday, y2k, and i have just heard the data doctors on KTAR. i have been having a problem with my cd-rom for the last two weeks. every time i put a cd into the draw, the cd-rom player seems like its starting up, and then shuts down. the green light lites up, the cd-rom player starts making the noise it does when it is playing, then the green light starts flickering, and the cd-rom player stops, with the green light sometimes staying on, and sometimes going off. while listening to the program, i decided to call the data doctors on the radio to see if they could give me some advice, and while i called, i could not get thru, i decided to try the cd-rom player by putting a cd into the player. i swear to you, just like a person who feels better before they go to see the doctor when they are feeling sick, or a car that runs properly when you bring it into the mechanic to check a problem, my cd-rom player started to play the cd i put into it, a cd of the us atlas, with absolutely no problem. i hope it continues to do so, but whether it does or not, i still would like to know what caused the problem. someone told me that it could be something i downloaded, like aol's free trail period, or some other program, that is preventing my cd-rom from starting up, and that maybe there is nothing wrong with the cd-rom iself. is this possible, and/or, what else could it be? please forgive me for not being more technical in describing this to you, as i consider myself a novice with the computer, although i have been using it quite alot since i got this system, complete with all its components, and almost all its programs preinstalled. i have had it since oct. of 99. hoping to hear from you soon, DG.

This question was answered on April 16, 2000. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

This problem could have a wide range of causes Sounds to me like the problem is simple Most likely it was caused by a dirty CD, or Dust on the CD Readers Internal Eye Check your CD's for finger print smudges, or scratches You can pick up cleaning kits at most

of the computer stores fairly cheep Try to find one that comes with wipes for your CD's and a lense cleaner for your CD Rom Follow the instructions enclosed, and you should be up and running again.

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Posted by Chester of University of Advancing Computer Technology on April 16, 2000

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