How do I change my display setting when page is to fit the screen ?


Ok, I'm probably being dumb, but when a program crashed it set my screen size to 640x480. I can't change it back as the display properties page won't fit on the screen, so I can't click on OK to change it back. WHY???

Also, when I went to check the RAM as stated above, it told me I had 56, not 64, as I was supposed to have bought. When I queried this in the shop they told me it was because some of it was shared. So are they right?? As they said they'd checked, and I definately had 64?



This question was answered on July 28, 2000. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

Thanks for sending your question The reason why you can't see the OK button is because the screen is wider than what's it was originally set It is hidden way down in the bottom of the page What you can do is go back to the Display Properties page, click on the Active task bar on top (Display Properties)holding the left mouse down and drag the box/page up until the Ok button appears If you still can't see it, change the lower part of the screen Point mouse to the task bar (where you see Start and different icons) When the pointer changes into a double headed arrow, drag it down to the bottom until you will not see it At this point, perform previous procedure above (Go to properties page, etc..)Hopefully, you will see the Ok button this time Then you can do the bottom procedure to bring your active task bar back up by dragging the double headed arrow.

For your second question, Yes, they (store) were right You have 64, but your video card memory is probably shared with main system memory and using 8MB.



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Posted by Leonida of Chandler-Gilbert Community College on July 28, 2000