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Why doesn't my Office 2000 insert pictures for me?


I have Office 2000 Pro. Every time in Word that I try to insert anything, the program freezes up and I have to close it.

I go to the top (in MS Word), click "insert", "symbol" (the option that gives me a grid of different little wingdings, and other small black and white pictures and characters such as the smiley face). I select a sybol/picture, and press "insert" and my Norton crash program pops up telling me of an error and it can either try to fix it or close program. Clicking on "try to fix" only brings that same error notice back up a half second later and I cannot do anything (Word freezes up in the background) untill I exit. When I try to program for a certain symbol (at the bottom of the same insert picture grid I have the option of assigning a symbol/picture to a key, or set of keys, to automatically insert it later as well) the same thing happens - I get an crashed program error from Norton/Symantec. Trying to insert one of those symbol/pictures is the only time I ever have a problem with my MS Word 2000. Help me! thanks!


This question was answered on April 11, 2000. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

I would start by uninstalling Norton Crash Guard It has been known to actually cause as many problems as it claims to solve If that has no effect, I would recommend you also completely uninstall Office 2000 and reinstall it If you are experiencing freeze ups in many programs, it may be time to reformat your hard drive and re-install everything from scartch!

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Posted by Greg of University of Advancing Computer Technology on April 11, 2000