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What to do with a bad hard drive?


I have a secondary "D" hard drive (250mb) which contains games (solitaire etc.) and other software(MKC Recipe file DOS etc.) as well as misc. back-up.

Suddenly for no apparent reason my screen went blue during boot-up and the message was "Hard Disk(s) Failure Press F1 or Del to Start Set-up".

When I try to access the D drive I get a "Cannot Access Drive" message and when I go into Explorer the message is "D is not accessible The device is not ready".

When I go into Control Panel and then dbl. click on System and click on Device Manager, then on Hard Disk Controllers and then on Secondary IDE Controller (dual fifo) the message on the panel is "The device is working properly".

Help!! I simply can't access the "D" hard drive.


This question was answered on April 11, 2000. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

What appears to have happened is that your Hard Drive has gone bad This could have happened for a number of reasons: ·Your hard drive is old and warn out ·The hard drive stopped spinning ·Their might have been a virus loaded on your hard drive Any one of these reasons could cause your Hard drive to fail, however the one that is most likely the result of your problem is that the Hard Drive is old and the motor that spins the disks went bad Now there are methods of retrieving your lost data, this should bee done only if the data is Vitally Needed If you contact Data Doctors they can qive you an estimate on Data Recovery of damaged hard drives The website is below Data Doctors</p>

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Posted by Mark of University of Advancing Computer Technology on April 11, 2000