Outlook errors after uninstalling NeoPlanet...

Posted By : Robert of University of Advancing Computer Technology on April 13, 2000

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I recently uninstalled NeoPlanet from my computer because it seemed that it had taken over more then I wanted it to. Now when I am in Outlook Express I am unable to connect to any hyperlinks. Someone said I should reinstall NeoPlanet and learn to live with it, but I do not want to. I want it to work like it use to before I had NeoPlanet. I was getting a message about something saying thaat it could not locate NEO.EXE but noww it ddones't even do that. I looked at the questions that you had about Outlook Express and one that sounded close suggested that I reinstall Outlook Express. One poroblem, the disk that I have from Microsoft with Outlook Express on it has an older version then my computer haas. It will not let me reinstall Outlook Express. How do I get my Outlook Express to usse the Hyperlinks and connect through IE5 like it use to?

This question was answered on April 13, 2000. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

Reinstalling is still your best bet However to install the software you will need to uninstall the defective copy first To do this click start then settings and next control panel Now click on the add/remove programs icon This will bring up a list of programs installed in your computer find and select Outlook express and click add/remove When asked if you want to remove the selected application click yes This will remove your old outlook express Now close any open windows Click on start and then Windows update If you don't have a windows update icon open Internet Explorer and goto http://windowsupdate.microsoft.com This is Microsofts update site for Win95/98 If it askes you to install any software click ok When the web page comes up click on product updates This will bring up a list of all the components that microsoft has determined that your computer needs In the list somewhere will be the latest version of Outlook express Click the checkbox next to it and select download Microsoft will take it from there (It is also a good idea to download and install anything you may see in the critical updates section.) You will need to reconfigure your new Outlook for instructions on how to do that call your internet service provider and they can give you the proper settings.

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Posted by Robert of University of Advancing Computer Technology on April 13, 2000

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