Laser printer is printing characters instead of text.


Just hooked up our HP Laserjet Series II printer to a different computer (moved it from a Compaq to a Tiger). Everything appears to be fine. Printer prints, but turns out unknown characters, rather than text. Any suggestions much appreciated. Thank you. J. Cavanagh


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Hi J,

If your printer is printing unknown characters, it may be because of a communications error A small communications error can affect the formatting of all the data sent to the printer

Communication error problems can cause printer problems because the:

1 Cable may be loose or defective.

2 Printer driver may not be properly installed or the driver may be corrupt.

3 The Application that you are trying to print from may not be configured with your specific printer.

4 There may be something in the AUTOEXEC.BAT OR CONFIG.SYS file that is conflicting with your printer.

5 Your specific printer may not be configured as the default printer in Windows.

6 Lpt1 port may not be enabled in CMOS.

7 Printer may be unable to perform a self-test.

See URL troubleshooting Laser printer problems like URL

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Posted by Swanya of Chandler-Gilbert Community College on March 23, 2001