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Microsoft to create new anti-virus security tools for Outlook users...

Posted By : of Data Doctors on May 17, 2000

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Microsoft to create new security features for Outlook users...

This question was answered on May 17, 2000. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

Microsoft announced today (5/15/2000) that they are about to release a free upgrade to users of Outlook 98 and Outlook 2000 that will help fight e-mail attached virus attacks

There are two main updates Microsoft will attach to the Outlook mail client First, the company will add code that protects users against attachments by disallowing automatic double-clicking of certain file types While a user will still be able to double-click on .doc and .xls files, for example, .vbs script files, like the one used by the ILoveYou virus, will not allow the file to launch when double-clicked.

The second update, the object model guard, puts a security guard between the Outlook address book and any program attempting to access it The prompt will require a user to allow or disallow the offending program to access users in an address book for sending mail This would go a long way to scotching the massive spread of viruses like ILoveYou, which infiltrated users' Outlook address book and forwarded mail to everyone in it

For all of the latest information and to have Microsoft notify you as soon as this upgrade is available, go to:

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Posted by of Data Doctors on May 17, 2000

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