I can not boot into windows


For reference, the computer's an AMD K62 333mhz. with 32 megs of RAM. The operating system wasn't functioning, so I formatted the hard drive and installed Windows 98.

The problem that I am having is not that I can't run Windows, it's that I can't run it in certain modes. For example, every time I turn on the computer it asks to run in safe mode, or normal mode. If I click safe mode, the computer says "HIMEM is testing extended memory..." and then starts Windows. When I run normal mode, the computer says nothing about HIMEM and refuses to work. Please help.


This question was answered on September 16, 2000. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

The Himem report line isn't an issue It does a quick memory test when booting into Windows normally and a little more thorough test when booting into safe mode The only reason to be concerned would be if you were booting into safe mode and it reported bad memory.

What kind of errors do you get when you try booting Windows into regular mode? Does Windows install ok on the drive? Does it give errors during the install?

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Posted by Kirk of Chandler-Gilbert Community College on September 16, 2000