Where is all the space on my hard drive going?

Posted By : Chester of University of Advancing Computer Technology on September 2, 2000

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I am trying to free up a substantial amount of space on the hard drive. I have attempted to delete unecessary programs, but it does not seem to free any space up. The hard drive is completely full, not even one Meg left free. Someone suggested that I reformat the hard drive, and reload the operating system. I can do that, but my concern is that Windows may not detect the drivers for the modem, cd-rom, and sound card. I do not have any of these drivers on a separate disk. I would got to the manufacturer's website for the modem and sound card, but there does not seem to be a manufacturers name on either one of them. Is there a way to make a backup copy of all the curent drivers on a disk? Is there an alternate method of freeing up considerable space on the hard drive? Currently, I am clicking on Start, finding the program, and then right clicking and selecting delete. It asks if I want to send it to the recycle bin, and I click yes. However, when I open the recycle bin it is empty, even though the program itself no longer shows up in the programs menu. I would really appreciate your help. Thank You- John S.

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I would seriously consider a larger hard drive I'm not sure

what size yours is, but to really make a decision about your

question I would really need to know what programs you have,

to get a general idea how big they are If you are running

MS Office that alone can take up a huge amount of space on a

full install.

Check you internet browser files, and check to see how much space

is being taken up by files in your Tempory internet files folder.

This folder is located in the windows directory If you do not

have your browser configured to purge this folder when it gets

too big, you may have a whole lot of stuff in that folder.

Especially if you do alot of surfing.

Getting a larger hard drive, transferring the data from the old hard drive onto the new hard drive, upgrading to Windows 98SE or WindowsME and converting the hard drives to FAT32 would be the easiest thing for you to do.

Best of luck

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Posted by Chester of University of Advancing Computer Technology on September 2, 2000

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