Did a power failure damage my CD-Rom?

Posted By : Chester of University of Advancing Computer Technology on September 2, 2000

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About a week and a half ago, we had a major storm system go through the area. The power went off for approximately 4 hours. My system is connected to a surge suppressor made by INTEREX. Since then, I have been unable to use my CD drive. When I go to device manager, it shows the CD-ROM is working properly. I can open the CD drive door, insert the CD, close the door. The hard drive lights blink, but nothing happens. I have to open the door and remove the CD. It is a 52X CD drive that was installed by the company I purchased the computer from. I am unable to get ahold of the company for assistance. I use the system for home schooling and really need the CD drive.

This question was answered on September 2, 2000. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

Depending on how comfortable you are in opening up the computer

you may want to check and make sure that the cable is attached

firmly (That would be the simple answer)

On a more technical level, No surge suppressor is 100% The best

way to protect your hardware is with a U.P.S (Uninterruptable Power

Supply) that will constantly filer the electricity going to your

hardware so that it is always "clean"

Given the set of circumstances that you described you may have had

some damage done to the circuts of your CD-Rom, or perhaps, but

less likly your motherboard Consider taking the device to a

certified service center for your manufacture, or replace the


Best of luck.

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Posted by Chester of University of Advancing Computer Technology on September 2, 2000

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